SOCA 2008

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The Steps We Took — 12th Annual SOCA Convention — October 24th, 25th, 26th 2008 Highlights!

Download 2008 SOCA Convention Program

2008 11th Annual SOCA Convention Speakers:

Friday Night Opening Keynote: Keith B. (Lancaster, CA)

Saturday Workshop: “Experience all 12 Steps” with Cameron F. (Toronto, ON)

PDF Download: 12 Steps in 4 Hours Workbook

Saturday Workshop: “Steps 1, 2, 3” with Mickey Bush (Los Angeles, CA)

Local Speaker: Jeanine H. (Georgetown, ON)

Local Speaker: Jim M. (Toronto, ON)

Saturday Night Keynote: Mickey Bush (Los Angeles, CA)

Sunday Afternoon Closing Keynote: Arisah M. (Lancaster, CA)

2008 SOCA Convention Committee

Chair – Nicole S.
Treasurer – Nina B.
Programming Chair – Scott P.
Registration Chair – Mary A.
Secretary – Julie B.
Memorabilia – Brian C.
Vice Chair – Steve V.
Hotel Liaison – Cameron L.
Auction/Raffle – Sean R.
Hospitality – Ilya S.
Entertainment – Ali O.
Printing & Logo – Mark Z.

2008 SOCA Convention Memorabilia

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